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Dangerous WHO Accord: US Autonomy at risk

Note - This is a lengthy report but every American needs to know what they are about to be put under.  Read and then reread what is about to happen as our government prepares to sign this agreement June 1st.

Americans have just days left to weigh in on the Biden administration's plan to adopt a dangerous international accord that gives the World Health Organization (WHO) greater control over the way the U.S. responds to global health pandemics like COVID-19.

As this article will demonstrate, the WHO Pandemic Agreement:

- Threatens national sovereignty

- Equates the health of humans with animals and plants

- Calls on nations to "combat" any "misinformation" that reduces "trust" in the government or its measures, such as social distancing

- Would empower private-sector forces such as social media companies to ramp up censorship of disfavored viewpoints

- Worries citizens will have "too much information" about pandemics

- Supports quotas and "gender diversity"

- Aims to create equity-driven national health care systems around the globe

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